who are the enemies of the hells angels

Who Are The Enemies Of The Hells Angels?

The foes of the Hells Angels, an infamous motorcycle gang with a notorious history spanning more than 70 years, include various other large motorcycle clubs, such as Bandidos, Mongols, Rock Machine, Pagans Mc, Breed Mc, Gremium Mc, and numerous others. These groups have engaged in a prolonged and bitter feud with the Hells Angels, leading to violent clashes between them.

Despite the Hells Angels’ seemingly indomitable position in the world of motorcycle gangs, they have accumulated adversaries both within and outside their organization due to their violent and criminal behavior. The Hells Angels’ reputation for brutality, drug trafficking, and organized crime activities has earned them a reputation as one of the most feared and notorious motorcycle gangs in the world.

Throughout their sordid history, the Hells Angels have been implicated in a wide range of criminal activities, including murder, assault, drug trafficking, and racketeering. Despite their notoriety and reputation for violence, the Hells Angels’ continued existence depends on their ability to withstand the persistent efforts of their enemies to bring them down.

Do The Hells Angels Have Enemies?

The Hells Angels, a prominent motorcycle gang, have adversaries both within and outside their organization. One of their most notorious opponents is the Bandidos, another large motorcycle gang, with whom they have engaged in a protracted conflict that has led to violence and fatalities on both sides.

In addition to the Bandidos, the Hells Angels also have other foes, such as the Outlaws, the Mongols, and the Vagos, who have all been embroiled in territorial disputes with the Hells Angels. These groups have also faced accusations of various criminal activities, including drug trafficking and murder.

Who Is The Hells Angels Biggest Rival?

The Bandidos, another major motorcycle gang, are the most significant rivals of the Hells Angels. Their longstanding feud has led to a series of violent confrontations that have resulted in loss of life and bloodshed on both sides.

The Bandidos are widely regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous gangs, and they have been accused of a variety of criminal acts, including drug trafficking, murder, and assault.

Who Are The Enemies Of The Hells Angels?

The Hells Angels have a long and storied history, and they have amassed a significant number of adversaries. In this piece, I have outlined some of their most perilous and violent foes.

1. Bandidos Are Long-standing Rivals Of The Hells Angels:

One of the oldest and well-established motorcycle gangs globally is the Bandidos, originating in Texas in 1955. The Bandidos have a long-standing feud with the Hells Angels, which began when the latter attempted to encroach upon Bandido territory. This feud has persisted to this day, with both groups engaging in numerous violent clashes and facing allegations of committing various crimes, such as drug trafficking, murder, and racketeering.

2. The Terrified War Between Mongols And The Hells Angels:

The ongoing feud between the Mongols and the Hells Angels is a long-standing rivalry that has resulted in numerous violent incidents and criminal activities. Both gangs have been accused of engaging in drug trafficking, murder, assault, and other illegal acts.

3. Rock Machine Vs. Hells Angels: (Ultimate Enemies)

The Rock Machine and Hells Angels are both notorious and feared motorcycle gangs, known for their involvement in criminal activities. They have been engaged in a long-standing feud that has resulted in violence and bloodshed on both sides.

4. The Quebec Biker Wars:

The Quebec Biker Wars were a series of violent conflicts that occurred between the Hells Angels and their rival motorcycle gang, the Rock Machine, during the 1990s in Quebec, Canada. The feud had been ongoing for many years and resulted in numerous deaths and injuries on both sides. The conflict was fueled by competition for control of the drug trade in the region, and it ultimately led to a major crackdown by law enforcement agencies, resulting in the arrest and conviction of many members of both gangs.

5. The Hells Angels And Iron Order Are Enemies:

The Hells Angels and Iron Order are rival motorcycle clubs. The Hells Angels were established in 1948 in Fontana, California, while the Iron Order was founded in 2006 in Louisville, Kentucky. The two clubs have been involved in several violent confrontations over the years.

In 2015, there were three separate incidents at motorcycle rallies where Hells Angels members were killed by Iron Order members in fights. The Hells Angels have accused the Iron Order of being a “cop club” and have warned their members to stay away from them. However, the Iron Order has denied these accusations and stated that they are not affiliated with law enforcement.

6. Hells Angels Are Against The Pagans Mc:

The Hells Angels have a longstanding rivalry with the Pagans MC, as they are considered to be one of the most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the world. The two groups have been involved in a number of violent clashes over the years, and both have been accused of a wide range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, murder, and extortion.

7. Iron Horsemen And Hells Angels:

The Iron Horsemen and Hells Angels are two of the most infamous motorcycle gangs globally, and they have a longstanding feud that has led to violent conflicts and bloodshed between the two groups.

8. The Road Rats (England’s Oldest Motorcycle Club) Are Enemy Of Hells Angels:

The Road Rats, England’s oldest motorcycle club, have a longstanding feud with the Hells Angels. This rivalry has been characterized by intense animosity and has resulted in violence and bloodshed between the two gangs.

9. Breed Mc The Enemy In The North East Area Of The USA:

The Breed MC is a recognized adversary of the Hells Angels in the northeastern region of the United States. The two gangs have engaged in several violent altercations, and the Hells Angels have been accused of attempting to take over Road Rat territory. Both groups’ future is precarious at best, as their involvement in organized crime has earned them a reputation as outlaws. If they persist on their present course, their prospects appear grim.

10. Gremium Mc Are An Enemy Of The Club:

Gremium MC is considered an adversary of the Hells Angels. The former has a significant presence in Germany, and both groups have engaged in several violent confrontations. The Hells Angels have been accused of attempting to infringe on the Gremium MC’s territory, and the future for both clubs seems uncertain. Due to their participation in organized crime, they have been identified as criminals, and their prospects appear grim if they persist on their current path.

11. Outlaws Mc Are A Well Known Enemy Of The Hells Angels.

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club has a notorious history of being an enemy of the Hells Angels. Being one of the largest and most powerful motorcycle clubs in the world, the Outlaws have been involved in several violent clashes with the Hells Angels.

12. The Iron Fist MC:

The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club is a gang that is considered to be an enemy of the Hells Angels. The Iron Fist is composed of former Hells Angels members who have left the club to create their own group.

13. The Black Pistons MC:

The Black Pistons MC is a motorcycle gang that is considered an enemy of the Hells Angels. It is known that the Black Pistons have a close relationship with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, another gang that has a long-standing rivalry with the Hells Angels. The Black Pistons were originally founded as a support club for the Outlaws, but they later became an independent club in their own right. The Black Pistons have been involved in a number of violent confrontations with the Hells Angels, and they are seen as a significant threat by the Hells Angels.

14. The Vagabonds MC:

The Vagabonds MC is a motorcycle club that has chapters in both the United States and Canada. The club was founded in 1969 by two Vietnam veterans, Ron “Papa” Jones and Dennis “Dog” McCrary. The founders believed that there was a need for a motorcycle club that would offer support to returning veterans.

15. The Devil’s Disciples MC:

The Devil’s Disciples Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle club that was founded in California in 1969 by brothers Sonny Barger and James “King” Fife. The club has gained notoriety for its involvement in the drug trade, organized crime, and street violence.

16. The Texas Syndicate:

The Texas Syndicate, also known as the Texas Outlaws, is a prison gang that was founded in 1967 by a man named Gilberto Villarreal. The gang is primarily composed of Hispanic inmates and has a reputation for violence and involvement in organized crime both inside and outside of prison.

Are The Warlocks And Hells Angels Enemies?

The Warlocks and Hells Angels are two infamous gangs in the United States with a history of criminal activity and violent confrontations. The future for both gangs is uncertain due to their involvement in organized crime. The Bandidos, another large motorcycle club, is also considered an enemy of the Hells Angels due to their ongoing feud and violent clashes. Law enforcement is also an enemy of the Hells Angels, as they have raided the club’s premises, arrested and prosecuted many members, and continue to monitor their activities. Overall, these gangs and law enforcement represent significant threats to the Hells Angels and their criminal activities.


Are The Hells Angels A Threat To Society?

The Hells Angels have been involved in a variety of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. While not all members of the club may participate in these activities, the organization as a whole has been deemed a threat to society by many law enforcement agencies and governments around the world. The Hells Angels have been linked to numerous violent confrontations with rival gangs, law enforcement, and even innocent bystanders. Therefore, it can be argued that the Hells Angels pose a significant threat to society.

Do The Hells Angels Have A Future?

The future of the Hells Angels is uncertain. While they continue to operate as a motorcycle club, their involvement in organized crime has brought them increased scrutiny from law enforcement agencies around the world. This has led to numerous arrests and convictions of members, and some chapters have been forced to disband. Additionally, there has been a decline in membership in recent years, possibly due to increased awareness of the criminal activities associated with the club.

However, the Hells Angels still maintain a significant presence in many countries, and continue to engage in illegal activities. Whether or not they will be able to continue to operate in the same capacity in the future remains to be seen. It is possible that increased law enforcement pressure and public awareness of their activities will make it difficult for the club to continue to exist, but only time will tell what the future holds for the Hells Angels.