7 best padded shorts for motorcycle riding

Top 7 Best Padded Shorts For Motorcycle Riding (Revealed!)

In the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident, riders are prone to severe injuries, often involving serious road rash. Thus, having the right gear, including padded shorts, is crucial for protection. This is especially important for women, who are statistically more likely to develop road rash in accidents.

When it comes to selecting the best-padded shorts for motorcycle riding, there are several factors to consider. These include comfort, waterproofness, durability, size, material, fit, pockets, zippers, ventilation, and additional features such as padding at vulnerable areas like the knees.

To assist riders in choosing the ideal padded shorts, here are reviews of the top 7 options available:

  1. Troy Lee Designs Shock Protective Shorts:
    • Features durable, abrasion-resistant panels with integrated chamois padding.
    • Constructed with waterproof, breathable, lightweight, quick-dry material.
    • Offers reflective graphics for visibility.
– Lightweight Design
– Breathability
– Reinforced Seams
– Multiple pockets
– Lack of interior pockets
  1. NICEWIN Mens 4D Padded Bike Shorts:
    • Boasts a 4D design with anti-slip leg grips and a wide waistband for comfort.
    • Universally sized and made from breathable, soft fabric.
– Versatility
– Soft material
– Anti-slip feature
– Affordability
– Suitable for hot weather
  1. Sportneer Mens Padded Bike Shorts with Pocket Gel Padding:
    • Provides compression, comfort, and gel padding in the crotch area.
    • Features bright colors for visibility, secure pockets, and reflective strips.
– 4-way stretch fabric
– Durability
– Concealed zipper fly  
– Firm padding
  1. Valano Men’s Cycling Shorts Bike Underwear 3D Padded:
    • Offers comfort and padding suitable for cycling with UPF50+ protection.
    • Features a stretchy design, quick-dry material, and elastic waistband.
– Comfort level
– Padding durability
– UV protection  
– Limited ventilation
  1. Troy Lee Designs Shock:
    • Provides excellent protection, breathability, and flexibility.
    • Features a zippered fly, mesh inner liner, and removable chamois pad.
– Good ventilation
– Fit
– Lightweight design  
– Lack of anti-odor features
  1. Mens 4D Padded Bike Shorts:
    • Offers ample padding, comfort, and a wider elastic waistband.
    • Suitable for wearing over work pants, with stretchy, breathable fabric.
– Comfortable
– Built quality  
– Lack of waterproofing feature
  1. Sportneer Mens Padded Bike Shorts with Pocket Gel Padding:
    • Features 4D molded silicone sponge, three pockets, and non-slip grip.
    • Suitable for various cycling activities with breathable, quick-dry material.
– Comfort
– Durability  
– Sizing issues
– Limited ventilation

When selecting padded shorts for motorcycle riding, comfort, fit, durability, and protection are paramount. Each rider’s preferences and needs may vary, so it’s essential to consider these factors when making a choice. Ultimately, the best-padded shorts are those that offer a balance of comfort, protection, and functionality for an enjoyable riding experience.


  1. Why are padded shorts important for motorcycle riders?

Padded shorts provide crucial protection against injuries like road rash in the event of an accident. They offer additional cushioning and coverage to vulnerable areas, enhancing comfort and safety during rides.

  1. What features should I look for when choosing padded shorts for motorcycle riding?

Key features to consider include comfort, waterproofness, durability, size, material, fit, pockets, zippers, ventilation, and additional padding at vulnerable areas like the knees.

  1. Are padded shorts suitable for both men and women?

Yes, padded shorts are available for both men and women, with designs tailored to suit different body shapes and preferences.

  1. Can I wear padded shorts under regular clothing?

Yes, padded shorts can be worn under regular clothing, although they may affect the fit slightly. However, for optimal protection and comfort, it’s recommended to wear them directly under motorcycle gear.

  1. How do I ensure the right fit when purchasing padded shorts?

To ensure the right fit, consider factors such as waist size, inseam length, and overall comfort. Many brands offer sizing charts for reference, and trying on the shorts before purchasing is advisable whenever possible.

  1. Are padded shorts suitable for all types of motorcycle riding?

Yes, padded shorts can be suitable for various types of motorcycle riding, including commuting, touring, and off-road adventures. However, it’s essential to choose a pair specifically designed for your intended riding style for optimal performance.